Here is our choices in gear that has worked well for us.


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The Primos is an excellent combo for the price. It contains a howler and the cottontail call along with the DVD.
Step by step instructions on using both!

The FoxPro Firestorm is the top of the line
in electronic predator calls.
With a ton of features and a range that is absolutely amazing,
the Firestorm is the ultimate in electronic predator calls.
In this book he covers many aspects of predator hunting and breaks it down by species as well as covering gear.

The Foxpro jack in the box is still one of my favorite decoys.
it is amazing how predators focus in on the decoy and home right in on it!

The Foxpro jack Attack and it is another excellent Foxpro product.
It is very portable and works as well as the Jack in the Box.

The CTK Ultimate Shooting Rest is what I use on Prarie Dog hunts and at the shooting range. It is a top of the line shooting rest.

I have my AR-15 outfitted with the CTK Ultimate Monopod and it allow you easy of adjustment while giving your rifle a steady rear rest.

The Peewee is one of my favorite calls ever!
With the Peewee you can make everything from howls to mouse squeaks on one call!

The Crit'r Song Dog is my favorite howler setup.It is easy to blow and it carries a long, long way with the adjustable length tube.

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